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summit county land bank launches welcome home and building for business programs (October 6, 2017)

Homeownership could soon be a reality for Summit County residents, if they’re willing to purchase a property that needs a little TLC. The Summit County Land Bank has launched two new programs to support its efforts in strengthening neighborhoods and communities in Summit County.



Land Bank, local communities support new commercial cleanup and residential rehab fund (may 17, 2017)

The Summit County Land Bank is encouraging local communities to support a proposed state budget amendment that would create a first-time $50 million Abandoned Property Cleanup and Residential Structure Renovation Program under the Ohio Development Services Agency.
The amendment is an effort led by Ohio’s land banks to address what they see as a strategy that is noticeably missing...

summit county land bank awarded additional $6.4 million in funding (july 13, 2016)

The Summit County Land Bank has received an additional $6.4 million in funding as part of the Ohio Housing Finance Agency’s (OHFA) Neighborhood Initiative Program (NIP), a residential demolition program aimed at stabilizing property values by removing and greening abandoned, vacant and blighted residential properties in the hardest hit neighborhoods and communities in Ohio.

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summit county land bank completes $7.4 million demolition program (February 2, 2015)

The Summit County Land Bank has announced the completion of a $7.4 million demolition program, removing 963 vacant and abandoned properties throughout Summit County. The effort encourages long-term community development and contributes to the revitalization of devastated neighborhoods.