financial information

how the land bank is funded

The Summit County Land Bank may receive funds in the same manner as any other nonprofit corporation.  Primarily, however, the Summit County Land Bank is funded, in part, through the collection of delinquent taxes and assessments by the Summit County Fiscal Officer.  The Summit County Land Bank also currently receives funding from the Ohio Housing Finance Agency, through the Neighborhood Initiative Program, a residential demolition program aimed at stabilizing property values through the strategic removal of abandoned, vacant and blighted properties.  Additionally, the Summit County Land Bank receives funding through the sale of real property.

2018 funding breakdown

Click below to learn more about the financial operations of the Summit County Land Bank.  For additional information, please contact the Summit County Land Bank.

2019 budget

Click below to view our most recently updated 2018 operating budget.

annual financial statements

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 1724.05, the Summit County Land Bank must certify, and file, annual financial statements with the Ohio Auditor of State.  Click below to learn more, and to view prior statements.

internal audit reports

To protect against fraud, waste, and abuse, and to ensure maximum accountability and transparency, the Summit County Land Bank voluntarily contracts with the Summit County Internal Audit Department for periodic audits of its programs and operations.  Click below to review previous audit reports.

2013 Internal Audit Report

2018 Internal Audit Report


Patrick J. Horning, CPA
Director of Budget & Finance
(330) 926-2522

Steven Tholl
Budget & Finance Assistant
(330) 926-2564