neighborhood initiative program (NIp)

The Neighborhood Initiative Program (NIP) is a residential demolition program designed to assist with stabilizing property values through the strategic demolition of abandoned, vacant, and blighted structures.  The program is administered through the Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) and is funded through an allocation of Hardest Hit Funds from the U.S. Treasury.  To date, the Summit County Land Bank has been awarded more than $9.5 million in demolition funding through the NIP.

Current OHFA NIP Guidelines

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target area plan & information

In 2014, the Summit County Land Bank received its first award of $2 million from OHFA for the NIP.  Those funds were approved to be used within 12 target areas in 4 communities: the City of Akron (9 target areas), the City of Barberton (1 target area), the Township of Springfield (1 target area), and the Village of Lakemore (1 target area).

In 2016, in conjunction with an additional allocation of more than $7.5 million in funding from OHFA for the NIP, the Summit County Land Bank applied to expand its existing target areas, to ensure that funds could be spent county-wide.  OHFA approved the revised Target Area Plan and the Summit County Land Bank can now use its existing NIP funds in each of Summit County's 31 communities.  The Summit County Land Bank is working with local communities to identify properties, beyond the standards for rehab or repair, that would be appropriate for the NIP.  Click below to see information regarding our revised target area.

Revised Target Area Map

Revised Target Area List

2014-2018 results

Click below to enlarge the image and see a summary of our most recent results, as of December 31, 2018.  For additional information, please contact the Summit County Land Bank.


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